Saturday, November 3, 2012

I have dreadlocks yo!

Woohooo time is flying! Its been 3 months and I see & feel my hair transforming a way. No more starter locs or twist, my hair is actually being recognized as dreadlocks now. Compared to most people I would say my hair locked really quick.  I really am enjoying the serendipity each day brings with my babies. The best part of my day involves waking up to see what the morning will bring to my hair. I kid you not, every single morning it looks slightly different. Around the 2 month mark I was waking up like WTF???

Mostly because they wouldn't lie down flat, the locs were sticking out from every angle of my head although I tied them down at night.
2 month fly-aways
Now they seem to be trained to lie down more flat and in a certain direction. I would assume that happened from the finger combing. I usually run my fingers through my hair from the front to the back kinda sectioning it along the way once or twice a week. I am no longer rubbing them down with Aloe vera & coconut oil daily, I just found that unnecessary and caused build up. Here's a quick little update on the progress.
2 months

3 months
As you can see there is a huge difference from 2 -3 months.
The locing process is more prominent within my root area and I'm doing a lot more "popping" these days to make sure I don't end up with one massive dreadlock.  Once a week I wash and spread the loc apart at the root by pulling them in opposite directions. I read this should only be done while the hair is wet to prevent damage to the hair. Speaking of washing I will have to update you on my wash regimen, its the BOMB. I have a weekly routine and I absolutely swear by it. I'm still freeforming, doing the minimum amount of maintenance. I have not gotten them retwisted or palm rolled since the day I started 3 months ago # team freeform! Apparently my new growth is just forming into the locs on its own. I literally wake up, shower (love the way the steam makes my hair fall), spritz it with water and oil, do a little finger combing then go.Water is with a doubt your hairs bestie & essential to having tight right locs. Something about that H20.
So I have also gotten a lot of feedback from friends, family, and of course random people so far its been pretty positive.

Mom:  "I don't like it, I liked the fro better"
Co-worker:  "When you getting your hair retwisted?"
Ex hair stylist:  "I love it, what made you want to freeform? I cant lie girl it looks good"
Random guy:  "I like your hair ma"
Uncle:  "Oh you got them dreadlocks huh?"
2 1/2 months

One small observation that I've noticed, these random loose nots at the end of a few of my locs. I knew more knots would form as a part of the process from it tightening but these are just like stray hairs, I'm debating on just snipping them off... Idk I will have to do some research on that.

3 months
 My next post will be on my wash routine, promise.

-Peace & love