Saturday, August 25, 2012

1st signs of transformation

I'm Super excited about my 1st small signs of transformation into locs. I have about 1/2 inch of new growth and a lil more fuzz or frizz than when I first started a few weeks ago. You can notice they are gradually loosing the twist pattern which is great great GREAT. Excuse the excitement. Luckily because of my hair texture I haven't had any problems with it unraveling, people who have a loser curl patter usually have to deal with that.

My scalp was also itching a little bit more than from the last post, as a resolution I have been spritzing it daily with a peppermint oil and water mixture. I absolutely love the way the peppermint oil makes my scalp feel, it really stimulates it which circulates the blood flow and controls the itching. This is something I will continue to do even after I wash just because the stimulation promotes hair growth...healthy scalp means healthy hair!  All essential & natural oils can usually be found at the health food stores such as Whole Foods, Sprouts and even vitamin world...

Use only 2 drops to 4 oz of water
I  pinned up a few on the side tonight and created a lil style that took about 4 mins. The last thing I have been doing as a part of my daily routine is rubbing coconut oil on each loc every night just before bed.  And by rubbing I do not mean twisting but treating each loc as one strand of hair and rubbing the oil in.The coconut oil has been doing a great job of keeping it nice and shiny without making my hair too oily. The real downside to using the oils daily is that oil attracts dirt which is why I use the peppermint & water to kinda cleanse & stimulate otherwise it would be really dirty. So week 4 and my hair is making great progress which I'm in no rush at all just excited about the whole process. I plan to wash it tomorrow so wish me luck!

Peace & Love

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