Monday, August 6, 2012

Perception is reality?

You can't control how other people perceive you. People assess things based on their own prejudices and preconceptions, since you CANT control how people perceive you why bother yourself worrying about it? With that being said I know along this process "Locing my hair" I will be perceived in many different ridiculous ways, but being happy with who I am no matter how my hair, clothes, religion or any other personal attribute is the ABSOLUTE most important thing Remember being happy within yourself is #1. Ok enough of that...So I'm about 1week in my process and I love the fact that I'm waking up a literally running my hands through my hair for hmmmm about all of 60 seconds then on with the rest of my day. Now I know this wont last long, the longer my hair grows the more time its going to eventually take to manage it on occasions but I can deal with that. So this is what I can imagine my hair to be...

Aren't they gorgeous? 

She is definitely my loc envy lol. No but seriously I'm really looking forward to this journey along with a few others patience is key. 

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