Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quick update

So my scalp has began to itch just a tad bit which is perfectly normal and my hair looks kind of dry to me. This comes as no surprise since my hair is really coarse & has always been thirsty for oil. I would usually do a hot oil treatment every 2 weeks plus spritz a little oil concoction daily to keep it well lubricated. Since I'm waiting at least until the 4th week of having my starter locs before I wash them, I decided to do a lil something something to my hair. I used a q-tip & applied tea tree oil on my scalp then gently moisturizer each loc with Aloe Vera gel followed by unrefined coconut oil. Nothing fancy, just something to add a lil luster & stop my scalp from itching for now. As far as the appearance of my hair it looks pretty much the same except a lot more fuzz. Here are the pics & products, until  very soon peace and love...

After the gel & oil


  1. I like your products choices. Why are you choosing to wait 4 weeks to wash may I ask?

    I think one of those large plastic yarn needles (blunt) would help with the itching. I read it's more likely to itch from lack of stimulation (i.e. combing) than from dryness in the beginning. Either way they're looking jolly good miss!

    1. Well initially I thought I was going to have problems with it unraveling from the water but I found it depends on your hair texture. My hair is really doing its thing so I plan to wash tomorrow.

      I'm using a mixture of peppermint oil & water to help with the itching & it does a great job with stimulation as well
      Thanks for the post!